Future Leaders

The Challenge

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to leave school with poor results, be long-term unemployed and have a shorter lifespan than their more affluent peers.

The Training

We offer an initial 17 days of intensive residential training during the summer, plus ongoing training, dedicated coaching, mentoring and career support to headship and beyond.

The Cost

The full cost of the programme will be covered by us. However we do expect that over the course of five years you will volunteer 30 days of your time to the Future Leaders network.

Do you have what it takes to lead a school?

Future Leaders is an intensive leadership development programme for aspiring headteachers of challenging schools who believe every child can succeed, regardless of background. 

Applications are now open for a 2015 start on the programme.

The Results

Over 300 Future Leaders are currently working in primary and secondary schools across England, improving results on average by 2.4% points in 5+ A*-C GCSEs (inc. E+M) - four times the national average.


"Inspiring and relevant training - the highest quality I could possibly hope to have. Everything we have done has been practical and high quality, and I was able to put what I’d learnt to use straight away in order to have a positive impact in my school."

Tina Wilkinson, Assistant Headteacher
Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College

"Future Leaders was pivotal in me achieving headship. The brand, the opportunity to progress quickly to Deputy and the coaching and support I received in going for my interview were crucial."

Matt Butler, Principal
Oasis Academy Brightstowe

Find out more about the programme (including eligibility criteria) or call us on 0800 009 4142.

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